Don’t simply charge off accounts and forget them!

With Collection Receivables, Inc being Incorporated for over 19 years, we have maintained an unparalleled reputation for integrity, reliability, and one of the highest rates of recovery in the business. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and adaptability to the changes in our dynamic industry. We serve through technology, training, investment, and management flexibility.

Delinquent accounts receivable drain a company's profitability. Delayed action reduces your chances of successful collection. Our experienced staff works quickly and effectively to collect your unpaid accounts at some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Success is based upon "service" and "service" means understanding each creditor's needs... dealing intelligently with unique problems... continuously seeking every opportunity to increase collections... providing up-to-date reports...

  • CRI is extremely competitive, our rates and recovery are some of the best in the industry.

  • CRI collectors work harder and smarter to beat our competition each and every month.

  • CRI Incentive programs keep our collectors motivated and increases our percentage of recover over most of our competitors.
  • CRI's host system is one of the most current computer systems available today. Computer Management Incorporated in Poulsbo, Washington designed DebtNet, which is our collections software that we have used since 1997.
  • CRI has the ability to accept account files through our secure web site with a program called Client Access, any type of file you as our client chooses. Client Access is a software system which allows you to not only place accounts with CRI, but also allows you to see if an account is paid, print status reports…etc. In other words, you as a client always have access to your inventory at any given time. You also can see the collectors work and notes on each account. Bottom line, you never have your hands off your accounts.
  • Hands on management provides constant control and supervision over you accounts, as well as monitoring of collections conversations to insure the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act is implemented.
  • Continuous training for CRI collectors as a group and in individual sessions keeps our team focused and productive.
  • Leading edge technology allows CRI to utilize valuable and successful skip tracing methods.
  • Credit reference tools are implemented for up to date information.
  • Management monitors staff very closely to insure proper procedures are being maintained on a daily basis.