Claims forwarded to CRI ("CRI") are accepted with the understanding that our clients have READ AND AGREED to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings regarding the basis upon which CRI is handling accounts for collection, it is strongly advised that the following agreement be READ, PRINTED OUT AND RETAINED prior to sending claims.

CRI collects unpaid delinquent accounts and general business related debts on a CONTINGENCY BASIS. If CRI is not successful in collecting the account submitted, NO FEE SHALL BE DUE.

Fees vary according to several different factors. The factors that are taken into consideration in setting up a fee structure are:
1. Whether or not the accounts are first placements; 2nd placements are normally higher commission
2. Manual or electronic downloading of accounts.
3. Volume of accounts the potential client will be placing.
4. We remit in net fee, approximately 30 days after the close of the previous month.

Commission is expected to be paid once the account is entered into our system and an acknowledgement of that claim is submitted to the client, accounts are entered within the first day of placement.