Why waste time, money and resources managing your past due receivables?
Late payment of accounts receivables can be a significant problem, negatively impacting your cash flow and balance sheet. It also means countless hours spent chasing down delinquencies. That’s time better spent growing your business.

CRI can expertly handle all of your collections needs, including:

• Collection calls
• Collection letters
• Documentation
• Payment recovery
• Record-Keeping


CRI collectors are trained prior to working accounts. Collectors must pass written and oral testing provided by the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act.

As our client, you have the ability to upload accounts through a system called "Client Access Web" this also allows you to see your current balances, report payments and see the work currently being done on each account. Therefore, you as a client always have access to your accounts and they never really leave your hands.

Our collectors are professional in the handling of your accounts and negotiating solutions. Because each case is unique, the collectors use a proprietary database of financial information and other business intelligence to plan the best possible outcome for each specific situation. We strive to achieve either a) a payment in full or b) a payment arrangement that is realistic for the consumer and CRI.

We’re on your side
Collecting on past due accounts can be a time-consuming use of staff resources. The introduction of a third party agency can result in faster collections. We will help you manage your accounts receivables, collect what is owed and still allow you to maintain a business relationship with your customer. We understand that you want the debt collected and still want to have a continued relationship with that person. That is possible with us.